My bus trip took 6 hours and 30 minutes so I arrived in Hamburg central bus station and continued with the german underground, which is called S-Bahn, to the place where my family lives. I stayed there for 7 days, enjoing the cold weather and the rain. Now the 7 days have passed and as I’m writing it is 23:35 CET on the the last day of October 2016 and I’m sitting in the Inter City train from Hamburg Germany to Düsseldorf Germany, the reason for this is that I’ll visit my mum in Curaçao for one month. In 3 hours I’ll arrive at the airport of Düsseldorf where i will have to stay around 7 ours till my flight to Curaçao starts. So there I am now sitting at the gate and waiting for the flight to start. I slipped 1our in the train so the time passed somehow, arrived at 02:27CET at the train station of the airport in Düsseldorf and I had to get somehow to the terminals of the airport. The normal way to get to the terminals here is with the skytrain but its not going in the night so I had to find the bus, after 20 minutes of walking from the one side to the other I found it and got to the terminals of the airport. At 03:30CET i was there but because it was to early my gate wasn't ready yet so I slipped on a bank for 3 hours. After waking up I went to the check in, gave my backpack and walked to the passport control. Like always I had liquid in my bag and truly to tired to understand what the police officer was trying to explain me but somehow I got it out. So now it’s 07:32CET and I’m sitting at the gate, my boarding time is 08:40 and the flight starts at 09:20 and the flight time is about 10 hours. It’s 13:35CET and I’m sitting in the plane with an altitude of 38277 feat (11651 meters) and its almost halftime, flying over the Atlantic, I have still 6 hours and 13 minutes to go till I arrive in Willemstad Curaçao.Till now the flight is very comfortable we got a drink and a snack at the beginning of the trip, 4 hours later we got meal, I had chicken with potatoes and I have to say that it was very tasty for a plain meal. The plain is almost full booked that makes it a bit hard to walk or stand up in the plane because its a bit packed but its ok. The inside of the plane looks like a normal long trip plane, in the front is the first class exactly behind the XL sits and the last area is the economy class, thats where I sit. Every row has 8 seats and its split, on every side wall 2 seat at the window and in the center 4 seat. I’m sitting on 27D so I'm sitting in the center on the floor on the left side of the plane. It’s 15:10CET and there are 4 hours and 44 minutes left of my trip to Curaçao. We just got a paper you have to fill in in which you have to say things like, name, date of birth, reason of visiting the country, name of hotel or address you stay etc.

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